Nate Oats All Access Alabama Basketball Practice
All Access Alabama Practice with Nate Oats
“I think the world of Nate Oats as a coach, as a person, and what he’s done and how his personality rubbed off and how hard his team competes and plays the game.” - Bobby Hurley, Arizona State
Watch samples from the three all access practices.
Amazing praise from some championship coaches
Nate Oats is one of the best coaches in the country. His teams play fast, play unselfish and play with an edge.  They are elite with ball movement and spacing and he always seems to have some quick hitters designed for each team that they play.  I am always impressed with how his players compete and that is a credit to him and his coaching style.
Rob Senderoff | Kent State Head Coach
They play a style that is difficult to defend. They strike in transition. They know how to win. [They are] a confident team, a team that can beat anyone on their schedule, including us.
Sean Miller | Arizona Head Coach

Exclusive access to one of the best basketball minds in college basketball. Learn the methods that have produced one of the most entertaining styles of play in the game. Open the doors and get full access to three practices to get an inside look at how Nate Oats runs his practices and program.

Features and Benefits
Learn How to Create a Dynamic Offense
When it comes to offense, see how an attacking philosophy and an emphasis on player freedom help create a dynamic scoring team.
Learn Insights into Building Culture
See how Coach Oats builds his culture with the three core values of “maximum effort, continuous growth and selfless love.” Gain valuable insights into how to create buy-in from players. 
Dive Deep Into the Details
Get an inside look at how Coach Oats’ emphasis on creating “one hard closeout” by the defense drives a successful offense based on penetration coupled with unselfish drive and kick play. 
Learn How to Blend Intensity with Teaching
Coach Oats demonstrates how to build player confidence and decision making while getting his team to compete at a high level on a daily basis. This video will give you a full arsenal of ideas to improve your team’s effort, intensity and scoring.
Learn How to Build Competition in Practice
Watch how competitive one-on-one  drills can work to build both offensive and defensive skill sets in your players.
Get a Big Picture Look
Don’t miss this opportunity to get an all-access look at one of the country’s top offensive coaches in action as his team learns how to be efficient and free-flowing on offense.  
What makes this  all access practice video different than the rest?

Some of the highest praise for Coach Oats comes from the players who play for him.  His players have emphasized his insistence on constant, maximum effort and commented on the “swagger” he brings to his team building efforts.  All these qualities are on display in this video.

At Buffalo, and now Alabama, Coach Oats' teams play every game at a frenetic pace. By implementing a system that values aggressive, attacking action over everything else, Oats turned Buffalo into one of the fastest playing teams in college basketball.

The offensive system is what sets the pace and you can watch it over the course of three practices. Oats encourages an aggressive mindset, and he wants his players to attack at every opportunity. Players are taught to attack closeouts directly, with the goal of forcing defensive rotations and kicking out to shooters. Having adapted to modern analytics, Oats wants his team to shoot 3’s, drive to the basket and skip the mid-range shots. 

On defense, Oats uses a defensive system that emphasizes closing out on shooters. An uncontested jump shot is the worst possible outcome, so he coaches players to recover, change direction and get out on shooters as fast as possible.

Get a glimpse behind the scenes at how Nate Oats constructs and runs a typical practice.
Who is Nate Oats?

You can learn from a coach who has won multiple Coach of the Year awards at both the high school and college level.  Coach Oats has built successful basketball programs. In 11 years at Romulus High School near Detroit, he had a record of 222-52 including seven straight conference championships and four consecutive undefeated seasons. 

Coach Oats served as an assistant to Bobby Hurley at the University of Buffalo before being named head coach. In 2016 in his first year as head coach at UB, Coach Oats’ team won the Mid-American Conference (MAC) Tournament.

In 2017-18, Coach Oats was named MAC Coach of the Year as his team won the outright regular season conference title for the first time in school history.  His team went on to make one of their three NCAA Tournament appearances in Coach Oats’ four year tenure and, as a 13th seed in the South region, upset the 4th seeded and Pac-12 Champion Arizona Wildcats.

Coach Oats’ 2019 UB team spent 20 weeks in the AP Top 25 College Basketball Poll, marking the first time UB had ever been nationally ranked and the first time in 40 years that a team from the MAC had achieved that honor.

In 2019, Coach Oats was named Head Basketball Coach at the University of Alabama.  He brings a high-powered offensive coaching style and high expectations to Alabama.

Nate Oats has never given access to his practices and dynamic offensive and defensive teaching philosophy before...
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Nate Oats Practice Video #1

Coaches will watch individual and group drills. For example how to make a relatively simple closeout drill more competitive and intense as drills start from a game-like initiation and a team score is kept throughout the drill. You’ll also observe how Coach Oats utilizes instructions on the fly help keep an up-tempo pace throughout the practice while being able to constantly teach and correct.

There is a thread of constant improvement and efficiency that permeates the practice. Even coaching activities and practices are discussed and notes made for future improvements. Coaches will improve by watching these practice videos. Your ability to take your own coaching to the next level is enhanced in the following ways:

Learning how to change constraints or scoring of a drill to emphasize what your team needs to work on
Seeing various techniques to increase the tempo and attack mentality of your team.
Watching how players are encouraged to make better decisions by giving them key cues to look for in setting up the offense.
Coach Oats also shows how to use various opportunities in practice to increase player leadership.
Players are urged to think the game and look for opportunities to increase the efficiency of different sets.

All-Access Video #1 is a great introduction to the practice structure and techniques used by Coach Oats to build his  team.

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Nate Oats Practice Video #2

This practice builds on the density and intensity of video #1. Coaches will see how practice design is tweaked to accommodate a reduced roster due to injuries. Coach Oats’ pre-practice emphasis on player-led improvement and effort translates into a high energy, two and a half hour practice. 

This is a video coaches will want to watch over and over again for how to construct and manage a practice that features consistently high performance by the players and is filled with teaching cues and tips throughout that contribute to the over all goal of getting more reps and getting better.

Coach Oats throws down the challenge to constantly improve early on in the practice and the players respond throughout. Brisk transitions between drills and constant scoring and competition in almost every drill keep players focused and performing at a high level through a long practice.
You’ll also see how Coach Oats utilizes almost every minute of practice in a highly efficient manner. By teaching during drill transitions and between possession changeovers, Coach Oats shows you how to continually push players to become better while maintaining an extremely high time on task ratio between player execution and coaching instruction.

Some of the great ideas coaches can pull from this practice:

Building opportunities for coaches to improve into practice design
Teaching players how to run sets to the side that utilizes your team’s strengths
Creative scoring of drills to increase intensity on both sides of the ball

All-Access Video #2  is a master-class in how to drive overall team improvement. Utilizing a games-based approach, Coach Oats not only increases skill transfer for the players but also creates situations where coaches can practice play-calling skills ensuring that everyone in the program is participating in the upward arc of improvement.

Click here to get over 5 hours of practice footage from one of the country’s elite coaches.

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Nate Oats Practice Video #3

We’re not going to say that the All-Access Day 3 video saves the best for last because the best of Nate Oats is evident throughout the whole All-Access series. Day 3 is the longest session of the three videos and the fact that the intensity level continues unabated is a testament to Coach Oats ability to drive constant improvement over the course of a season as well as a player’s career.

Coach Oats focuses his team’s attitude and approach from the start of practice with a quote from fellow Alabama coach, Nick Saban. Coach Oats builds on the quote to emphasize to the players that they need to learn how to coach each other and take every practice as an opportunity to become a better teammate.

This video features some excellent instruction and drilling on key facets of the transition game as well as installation of six options out of a horns offense. Once again, coaches will be able to learn so much by just watching the design and pacing of practice.

By utilizing game-based drills, unique ways of starting the game-based actions and creative scoring, this practice is fun, interesting and challenging throughout for the players. Constant teaching and holding the players to a high standard are also on display here. An end of practice scrimmage allows coaches to see how three days of practice activity translates into an actual game situation.

Some key takeaways for coaches from the scrimmage:

How to best utilize paint touches to generate scoring opportunities and how not to give away the initial penetration advantage
Different spacing options out of a 5-out set to increase offensive effectiveness and tempo.
Mixing creative scoring, constructive criticism, and positive reinforcement to keep players motivated and focused on the next best action.
Coaches will also note the attention to detail in place at the end of the practice and how Coach Oats uses the presence of scouts to make a point about consistency of effort and playing through both good and bad days.

All Access Video #3 is a fitting conclusion to three days of practices jam-packed with knowledge and opportunities to improve your coaching and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of an elite program in action.

Click here to get over 5 hours of practice footage from one of the country’s elite coaches.

Bonus Content

As if three practices, providing you incredible access to one of the most exciting coaches in basketball, isn't enough...we have also included these BONUSES in every download

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*Note for easier downloads we have combined all three of these BONUS videos into one video.

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